Why are you closed ray william johnson

images why are you closed ray william johnson

Yet, I would keep the same format of each episode in place so as not to disenchant my core audience. Baby-Sitters Clubthere's just a kid passed out at your feet. Would that be a meaningful accomplishment to you? Your Dad. With this, I'd hoped that the size of my audience would increase by a small fraction, say 0. I mean how is that going to break your fall, Dad? Goddamn it! Logistically, one could watch any available online shows at his or her leisure and then later proceed to watch whatever their favorite television program may be. Michael Humphrey.

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  • The episode's title is Ray's made up title for the third video. FVA- Roof Slip and Slide Fail (Account Closed); Snake trolls like a As you can see I once again - I shaved off the adolescent facial hair, literally, just to fuck with you guys.

    of Equals Three, I'm Ray William Johnson and I approve this message. WHY ARE YOU CLOSED RAY WILLIAM JOHNSON, I fucking hate that favorite part of that video was when he claims.

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    I fucking hate that favorite part of that video was when he claims to " make fun of trolls". if you think you are making fun of trolls you've.
    God damn it! One of the best things about being an entertainer on the Internet is that I can reach a worldwide audience instantaneously, and there is a built in feedback loop. During all this, I noticed that YouTube was full of video blogs but really lacked any sort of formatted show.

    The channel recently eclipsed 1 billion upload views. There'll always be a show as long as we have a platform on which to perform. Earlier inJohnson was in talks with FX Networks about a scripted series based on his life.

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    images why are you closed ray william johnson
    Why are you closed ray william johnson
    It's fairly simple.

    In a recent email conversation, the year-oldnow living in Los Angeles, demonstrated just how insightful he is about what drives the YouTube phenomenon, just how little use he has for the old guard of entertainment and just how well he can argue his points. In these, I just sat there and stared into the camera and talked about my life and what I had learned about in class to an audience of roughly thirty people. Your Dad.

    Johnson occasionally appears in these shows and in "update vlogs" on the channel.

    The first joke will set the tone of the video, segment, etc. If you start with a shit joke, you have to win the crowd back. Start with a good one and. Ray William Johnson (born August 14, ) is an American actor, comedian, film producer, His last show as host (titled "THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING") was published on March 12, and was around 14 minutes long.

    images why are you closed ray william johnson

    The channel. Video UPDATE (11/19/): This week Ray William Johnson's channel blogs to my first YouTube channel which has since been closed.

    images why are you closed ray william johnson

    That seems like a very strong stand and you're clearly leaving money on the table.
    Now this video got like a hundred thousand views and you know even if good ol' Dad did land in that kiddie pool, there's like 4 inches of water in there at the most.

    Ray William Johnson born August 14, is an American actor, comedian, film producerfilm directorscreenwriterand rapperwho is known for his YouTube channel, Ray William Johnson, and his web series on that channel, Equals Three. The Troll. But another part of me feels sorry for the guy.

    And if you look close you can even get a glimpse of the dude in charge, like, even he's laughing.

    images why are you closed ray william johnson
    It was released in 5 parts and cumulatively totaled about 50 minutes.

    What I'm saying is I hate, like judging videos like that because in reality you just see the video you don't really know what's going on but it looks like those girls are supposed to be babysitting and are sort of neglecting an unfortunately fat four-year-old. I mean come on haven't you ever had one of those boners that you just can't control? Being able to interact with my viewers and see their reactions is invaluable to me. Johnson began posting videos to his "Ray William Johnson" channel in April Goddamn it!

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    1. While thirty people might sound like an insignificant number, it meant the world to me and still does. It isn't absurd to think that this trend will continue until there is a way to access all or nearly all broadcast programs on the web.